Welcome To Chocolate Duchess!


We're here to celebrate one of the biggest, most exciting additions to the House of Windsor EVER - Meghan Markle!! We’re Royal watchers, history nerds, and fashion fiends and plan on celebrating our beloved Chocolate Duchess!

The Rules Here Are Simple:

1. Be polite. If you have nothing nice to say, move along.
2. No bashing allowed - if you have nothing nice to say, move along.
3. If your first instinct upon reading a post is to criticize it, this is not the place for you. Chocolate Duchess if literally a compliments-only zone.

4. Finally, this should be super-obvious, but if you are offended by the name of this group, you're not going to have any fun here. Or be any fun here. So please don't spoil ours by complaining. #WeAllLoveChocolate

Let's celebrate the massive, marvelous change coming in 2018 to The House of Windsor!

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