• Chocolate Duchess

An English Country Wedding Fashion Disaster

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the wedding of Prince Harry's cousin this weekend. It looked to be a charming English country church wedding, and the beautiful bride wore the glittering Spencer Tiara. But I have no idea what our beloved Chocolate Duchess was wearing. In fact, I cannot even imagine what Her Royal Highness must have been thinking when she decided on this look.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a flowing floral dress from Oscar de la Renta. From the look of the dress on Moda Operandi's website, where it can be ordered for $5490 (https://bit.ly/2K47HVb) - it's a wrap dress featuring a cinched waist and romantically long sleeves. It's available in sizes 0 - 16. Whatever size Chocolate Duchess ordered is more than one size too big. Which is where this tragedy begins and ends.

Her fabulous figure wrapped in a what looks like a massive shower curtain, matters continued down a dark path with inexplicably messy hair and a fascinator resembling a bath sponge. I think messy hair can work if the outfit is on point (see The Queen's birthday concert: https://bit.ly/2JWodmy ), but on Saturday it positively was not on point.

I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm confused, hurt, bewildered, and just a little bit afraid (Please God, don't let anything like this ever happen again in Chocolate Duchess' closet and send her an unrelenting tailor...Amen).

I've always loved Oscar de la Renta. I practically worship the Duchess of Sussex. But this weekend in Lincolnshire the two were a match made in fashion hell.

You can see more of the wedding here (don't be afraid; Kitty Spencer saves the day by looking amazing): https://dailym.ai/2LWaWem