• Chocolate Duchess

'Hamilton' for Sentable - August 29, 2018

The Duchess of Sussex gave us a sexy spin on the tuxedo for her first engagement back after the summer holidays. It's taken a while to get this post up, because frankly, her Judith & Charles tuxedo dress and bare legs were such a surprise. I thought I'd had her signature style figured out but Her Royal Highness took it a step further. She showed us once again that she's not going to be a cookie-cutter Princess, but truly one for the 21st century - global, tailored, and just a little edgy. So just as we know to count on her sister-in-law to give us traditional British glamour in the form of prim, ladylike dresses and immaculate hairstyles, it appears that we can count on Chocolate Duchess to keep us guessing, and look fabulous doing so.