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Reliving Monday's Magic: One Brit's Opinion Of The New Royal Couple!

As the north wind began to blow in earnest for the first time this autumn, parts of Britain woke up to a chilled air and frosted landscape. Despite the autumnal dusting the sun shone bright and no less so than on the faces of two people, excited and in love, within a walled garden at Kensington Palace. The sentimental choice of this particular location for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first public photographs as an engaged couple is, I believe, typical of what we can to come to expect from them. The White Garden (formally the Sunken Garden) at Kensington Palace was remodelled in a touching tribute to Prince Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Both Harry and Meghan appeared very excited and clearly very supportive of each other. Where others may have wondered what love is, both Harry and Meghan were obviously delighted to be able to publicly share their mutual love for each other. As the happy couple posed for photographs, Prince Harry said "we're thrilled”. When asked when did he know Meghan was the 'one', Harry said: "From the very first time we met". Meghan clutched Harry's hand with both of hers as they stood before the press, enabling the first public view of her elegant, diamond engagement ring. The Prince commissioned the ring from Cleave and Company, Court jewellers to the Queen, and designed it himself. The ring features a central diamond from Botswana (a country very close to the Prince’s heart) with two smaller flanking diamonds from his late mother’s personal collection.

Later in the day the Prince and Ms. Markle sat for an interview carried out on behalf of all broadcasters by BBC Radio 4's Today programme presenter, Mishal Husain. The couple sat close together on a sofa as they were asked about how they met, their relationship, readiness for the future, and their future plans. It is clear to anyone what an attentive husband Harry will be to Meghan. His unashamed body language showed us the supportive and protective side to his character. Meghan shone with pride as she looked directly into his eyes, a look that was completely reciprocated. The Prince made it clear that Meghan had already met many of his family members on more than one occasion, including on his mother’s side. Meghan expressed her understanding of how important those familial relationships are, and although he has yet to meet Meghan’s father, he sought and gained Mr. Markle's approval for the marriage and obviously already adores her mother Doria Ragland.

Prince Harry and Meghan seem to understand each other on a very personal level and share core values and beliefs. For many people who have followed Harry’s causes and charities, the fundamental importance of this will have come as no surprise. For anyone having understood the charitable interests and causes of Meghan, the suitability of the match will have seemed destined and perfect. Meghan spoke with the confidence, sincerity and the fluency of someone completely comfortable with the situation they find themselves in. She appeared in no way hesitant or shy in answering questions or explaining her feelings. From what we already know of Prince Harry, this will be a very important aspect of her character and will most likely be a reciprocated cornerstone of their relationship in the years ahead.

His Royal Highness was clear that he and Meghan were a team and hinted at the value they would bring to the Royal Family. When asked if their relationship was bringing about a change in the Royal Family, Harry was keen to explain that they were contributing to the family, not changing it. This demonstrated sensitivity to his brother's position and future role as King. However, it was clear that they very much have their own ideas of what that contribution might be and how this can be complimented by the things that are closest to their hearts. I think we are likely to hear much more from this exciting new couple than some other Royals and we will have a much better understanding of their personal views. Their proximity to the throne will ensure they are heard whilst at the same time their distance from it will ensure they are more free to express those views. They are a thoughtful and experienced couple, and the future for this newest branch of the House of Windsor looks very bright!

- Written by Duncan Sowry-House