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Royal Wedding Tiara Speculation: The Spencer Tiara

Next up in our Royal Wedding tiara series is the iconic Spencer Tiara worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her wedding to His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales.

The Spencer Tiara is actually a conglomeration of pieces collected by the Spencer Family down through the centuries. Despite rumors of it dating from the 18th century, the center element is actually from 1919 when Lady Sarah Spencer gifted it to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorp (Diana’s grandmother). Garrard was commissioned to create four harmonizing side pieces, and the two elements at the ends are the oldest, said to have come from a tiara that Frances, Viscountess Montagu left to Lady Sarah Spencer in 1875. The final version we see today dates from around 1935-37.

The tiara was worn by both of Diana’s elder sisters when they were married before making its world debut in 1981 during ‘The Wedding Of The Century’ at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. Her voluminous wedding dress of course took center stage, but the glittering tiara held its own anchoring her 25-foot veil.

After she became Princess of Wales, Diana continued to wear her family’s tiara, even though Her Majesty The Queen placed Queen Mary’s Lovers Knot Tiara at her disposal. The decision makes sense when you consider that the Spencer Tiara is quite a bit lighter and much easier to wear. The tiara never actually belonged to The Princess of Wales, and it went back to the Spencer family after her death.

There is a VERY, VERY slim chance that Meghan Markle could wear this tiara on her wedding day. We actually doubt it will happen. Why? For one, Prince Harry would have to formally request it from his uncle, Earl Spencer. Also, since Meghan is marrying into the Windsor family, not the Spencers, and she has so many pieces from which to choose, it would be quite the surprise if she looked outside of what must be a dazzling Royal vault!

- Written by Heidi Retzer