• Chocolate Duchess

The Sussex Royal Tour Of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, & New Zealand: Day Seven

The one week mark in the Sussex's Royal Tour brought a fashion surprise, and sadly not one that I am here to celebrate.

On Monday the pregnant Duchess took the first part of the day on Fraser Island off to rest, arriving wearing a charming (and red!) polka-dot dress by the H&M label & Other Stories https://about.hm.com/en/brands/stories.html with Sarah Flint's "Grear" flat sandals. Since she went straight to the hotel we unfortunately didn't get much of a look at it. Later in the day Her Royal Highness joined her husband to greet well-wishers wearing a new dress from the sustainable American fashion label Reformation.

I checked out Reformation's website, and I have to say I like their style and their philosophy. They have some really cute dresses that I wouldn't mind having in my own closet. You can see for yourself here: https://www.thereformation.com/pages/our-stuff

The problem for me is that the dress was not modified for Her Royal Highness. I wish with all my heart that she would've emerged this afternoon in her earlier frock instead. The slit of the & Other Stories dress was way too high, and it felt like we were one strong breeze or unfortunate angle from a wardrobe malfunction à la the early days of the Duchess of Cambridge, when the world saw more of her thighs and butt cheeks (due to flying skirts) than we ever, ever should have.

I would imagine that any designer alive would be more than thrilled to alter ANY of their designs to make them appropriate for this particular senior member of the Royal Family, and at the very least that it wouldn't be difficult to have a seamstress come to Kensington Palace and make sure her modesty is protected at all times, which is what was called for with an off-the-rack number like this. I'm simply flabbergasted. And exhausted. Like, really, really tired.

Listen, I am NOT here to drag The Duchess of Sussex, ever. I am so excited that the world has a Chocolate Duchess AND that she's American! But I'm finding myself increasingly alarmed. How does no one around her not say anything before she steps out like this? Sure, on any other girl with a figure like hers this dress would be completely cute, but she's not a regular girl anymore. Ms. Meghan Markle no longer exists. There are no shortage of haters out there, and instances like this make it much to easy for them to keep on rolling with their criticisms. I adore her, but I'm not going to defend this. Right now, I'm just going to pray to the fashion gods.