• Chocolate Duchess

The Sussex Royal Tour Of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, & New Zealand: Day Six

Our pregnant Duchess slowed down a bit today, and I can't say I'm surprised. Their jam-packed tour schedule seemed daunting even before her pregnancy was announced!

Sadly, my prayers for more color and polished hairstyling weren't answered in her three appearances today. I think the Duchess' outfit on the boat is right on point, but otherwise I don't have anything for you. I've been reading some comments stating that people should focus on the substance of her work and not what she wears, and while I agree that the work is very important - particularly on this trip with the focus on the Invictus Games - I can't help but recall a quote from the late Queen Mother explaining her approach towards personal style when meeting the public during World War II:

"In response to a suggestion that dark clothing would be more appropriate than her usual pastels and high heels for a bombsite tour, she said, 'They would wear their best dresses if they were coming to see me'."