• Chocolate Duchess

When Bespoke Gives You The Blues

The Duchess of Sussex at the '100 Days to Peace' concert in London

I've got the blues.

Just two days ago I was rapturous over the delicious fit of the Duchess of Sussex's off-the-rack Altuzzara suit, but tonight her bespoke Jason Wu dress has simply left me confused. I don't know how such a simple dress by a fantastic designer managed to come across as sloppy, or how a piece that is bespoke has such an unflattering fit (particularly when the person wearing it has a PERFECT figure). But somehow that's what the fashion gods were served tonight in London. I'm sorry, but if a dress manages to make Her Royal Highness look top-heavy, and/or if the armchair obstetricians online are proclaiming a pregnancy, the dress has failed (that said if she is pregnant I totally take back all this disappointment and I hope their Royal baby is sweet caramel with green eyes).

I am positive that in person Chocolate Duchess must have looked amazing. That's besides the point, though, since approximately 0.0001 of her fans saw her in person tonight. How an outfit looks under the glare of cameras matters for the Duchess in a way that most of us will never have to personally consider. On the bride side, she finally ditched the messy bun and gave us sultry Veronica Lake hair, as well as a luxe Dior clutch, some seriously sparkly diamond earrings, and Aquazzura's utterly glamorous 'Portrait of a Lady' pumps!

Here's hoping that next time her ensemble is thoroughly camera-tested.