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Why The Strathmore Rose Is Our Dream Wedding Tiara For Meghan Markle

The Strathmore Rose Tiara was given to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon by her parents, The Earl and Countess of Strathmore, as a gift for her 1923 wedding to The Duke of York (the future King George VI). Dating from the late Victorian period and purchased from London dealer Catchpole & Williams, it displays a twining garland of diamond roses mounted in silver and gold. The individual roses could be taken from the frame to be used as brooches, and according to 'The Queen’s Diamonds’, originally could be alternated with five single, collet-set sapphires. To maximize its wearability, the Strathmore also has two tiara frames - one for use as a bandeau and one in a more traditional, top-of-the-head setting.

The Queen Mother wearing The Strathmore Rose Tiara when she was Duchess of York and an imagining of Meghan Markle wearing it

Why are we Team Strathmore Rose?

“The tiara hasn't really been worn since the late 1920s or early 1930s, and it would be such a beautiful piece with which Ms. Markle could make her debut. The very natural and free-spirited design seems as if it would suit her personality, and the family history of it as a wedding gift makes it doubly special. Finally, it would be a lovely acknowledgement of Prince Harry’s mother who was, after all, known as “England’s Rose”.”– Heidi Retzer

“Even though this piece is over 100 years old, I find it fresh, delicate, and romantic – all traits that could be used to describe Meghan! It’s an heirloom piece that can be made modern just by tilting it back on the head rather than wearing it bandeau-style, which is the only way we’ve ever seen it worn. It can become Meghan’s go-to tiara for white tie Royal events, and loaning her a piece that belonged to such a beloved member of the Royal Family can only underline just how much she’s been accepted by her new family (in the same way that The Duchess of Cornwall wears many of The Queen Mother’s jewelry now). And Doria Ragland’s nickname for her beloved only child is “flower”. I feel like it’s meant to be.” – Marcia Masenda Mack

Do you have a different dream wedding tiara in mind for Meghan Markle, or are you joining us on Team Strathmore Rose? We can’t WAIT to see what she dons tomorrow!